The Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham Endorses Randall Woodfin for Mayor

The Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham Endorses Randall Woodfin for Mayor.

Today, Randall Woodfin announced the endorsement of The Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham in front of residents in Kingston Public Housing. The Grassroots Coalition is a collective of local nonprofits, business leaders, and grassroot activists that are determined to elevate the social economy in Birmingham’s most underserved communities.

The Grassroots Coalition of Birmigham co-founder Richard Rice, Esq. released the following statement:

"The Grassroots Coalition of Birmingham is endorsing Randall Woodfin for Mayor because he embraces our organization's Black Agenda. Despite the fact that Birmingham is led by a Black mayor, William Bell’s policies do not adequately address the challenges met by the 74 percent of Blacks that comprise the majority population of our city. In sharp contrast, Randall’s commitment to our citizens is reflected in his agenda that was created after a year of listening tours and public engagement.”

The Grassroots Coalition is comprised of the following community partners* in Birmingham: 

100 Black Men Deep
Birmingham Institute of Social Change
Determined 2 Be
Gate City Foundation
Magic City Agriculture Project
One House
Progressive Millennial Outreach Group
Revitalize Birmingham Group
Smithfield Community Action Team
Smithfield Community Land Trust
Striving, Together, Encouraging, Progression, & Success (STEPS)
The Willing Family

*each individual member group listed retains its' legal autonomy and does not necessarily endorse the actions of the Grassroots Coalition as a whole. Moreover, no 501c(3 listed organizations are submitting any candidate endorsements. For more complete information on the Coalition please visit

“It is impossible for families to thrive when 30 percent of our population live in poverty and 104 of our sons and daughters are being murdered in city streets. The violent crime and lack of opportunity that paralyze Birmingham – particularly the black community – are a direct result of William Bell’s failed leadership and lack of vision over the last seven years. Enough is enough,” stated Randall Woodfin. “I declared my candidacy for mayor because I was tired of listening to the demoralizing stories from good people across our city. I was tired of hearing Bell’s ambitions for downtown development despite our crumbling roads and countless blighted homes. My campaign has been shaped by the people that live in communities Bell has ignored. And my policy agenda offers a real path towards stability and opportunity.”

Randall Woodfin has also been endorsed by the Birmingham Professional Firefighters Association and the National Association of Letter Carriers Birmingham Local. 

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