Neighborhood Revitalization

Birmingham has a backlog of over 10,000 abandoned properties that have accumulated on Mayor Bell’s watch.  Overgrown lots are literally everywhere – far too many to count.  Addressing these aren’t election year priorities; they’re everyday priorities and not just when your name is on the ballot.

William Bell can talk about election-year efforts to address our neighborhoods, but all you have to do is look at your neighborhood and know that what he’s done is too little too late.  Plus, if you check his campaign website, he can’t tell what he’ll do, because like so many other issues, he has no plan because he thinks he doesn’t need one.

I have a real plan to partner with our City Council and revitalize our neighborhoods by:

  • Creating a neighborhood revitalization plan for each City Council District

  • Developing a staffing and equipment plan for dramatically expanding our Public Works Department for lot maintenance and demolishing abandoned housing

  • Committing more of our Community Development Block Grant funds to demolition and acquiring abandoned houses

  • Developing a four-year capital improvement plan and road package to repair our sidewalks and repair our streets.

Our neighborhoods can’t wait until there’s an election for their grass to get cut, or for the house next to them to be demolished, or for the potholes on their street to be fixed.  You need leadership with a plan to invest in all 99 neighborhoods.  My plan is available at  Vote Randall Woodfin on October 3rd.

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