An Open Letter to City Employees


Dear City Employees, 

My name is Randall Woodfin, and I have been a city employee since 2009. I am running for mayor because I believe politics should be about identifying our city’s problems and working together in good faith to solve them. This means making real investments in creating jobs, protecting our neighborhoods, and supporting our hardworking city employees.

I’ve witnessed the professionalism and work ethic of my fellow city employees as an assistant city attorney. I have witnessed the commitment and drive of employees in public works, fire and rescue personnel, and police officers on a daily basis. And because of this firsthand perspective, I firmly believe that experienced employees should be rewarded for their commitment and years of service to our city.

Unfortunately, based on the recently proposed city budget, William Bell clearly disagrees with me. Bell’s proposal calls for a 5 percent employee merit raise and 1 percent cost of living increase for city employees. This may seem like progress to some, but you and I know that pay for city employees has barely budged for several years.

Additionally, the proposal does not include longevity pay – a critical tool for retaining experienced employees and attracting new employees.

It’s no wonder morale is low when our long-time city employees are continuously receiving the short end of the stick from Bell. As mayor, I will be the champion in City Hall that you rightly deserve. I will fight for better insurance rates and make reinstating longevity pay a priority.

As city employees, we deserve better.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about my vision. Or contact me personally at 205-706-0038 or

Thank you for your service to the City of Birmingham!


Randall L. Woodfin

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