Mayoral Candidate Randall Woodfin Raises Over $200,000 from 1,757 Small Dollar Contributions

"Since declaring my candidacy for mayor, We have knocked on over 26,000 doors and made 15,000 phone calls to Birmingham residents across the city. I listened as residents shared their aspirations and anxieties with me."

"These heartfelt stories from the people shape my values and principles as a leader. The people influenced my policy agenda. And, the people are making their voices heard through my campaign."

“I firmly believe that every campaign is a true reflection of the candidate, which is why our campaign is powered by the people. As of June 30, 2017, We have raised $206,530.84, with 75 percent coming from Birmingham. Moreover, we received 1,757 contributions, which is a striking contrast from the William Bell and Chris Wood campaigns with 66 and 53 contributions, respectively.

“The Bell campaign is funded largely by business and corporate entities, while Woods has loaned himself $120,000. Simply put, Bell continues to place the interests of wealthy developers before the concerns of the people, and Woods – a resident of Irondale – believes he can somehow lead our city simply by writing a check. The Birmingham I know, and the thousands of residents I have personally met, deserve better.

“The latest fundraising totals convey vastly different priorities and leadership styles. These totals show various levels of enthusiasm and trust. And they show one path forward for building a better Birmingham that works for everyone.”

Randall Woodfin, Candidate, Mayor of Birmingham

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