Phonebank at Home

Thank you for volunteering! 

We wanted to create a way for people to phonebank from home if they are not able to make it to our in-office phonebank events! 

Logging into the Phone Bank


Logging into our phone bank is really easy. The only things you will need are:

  • A computer/tablet with internet access
  • A working phone (landline or cell, does not matter)
  • An email address


First, click this link to sign up for a phonebank account.

Once you’ve clicked on the link, it will take you to a registration page. After you've received your log in info come back and click this link to log in to the dialer.

After you've logged into the phonebank you will wait until a call comes through. When a call comes through, a voters information will display. Complete the call and input your responses on the right hand side then click Next Call and wait for your next voter!

Read over/print out our script by clicking here

Now you're ready to get started! Email with any issues!

Inputting Your Responses


The first things you should see are the name of a voter, and their contact phone number on the left side. 

On the right hand side are the response boxes. ​These are how you log whether or not the voter is a supporter of Randall; undecided; or supporting another candidate. If the voter is not available, there is "no answer", if the phone number is disconnected, there is "disconnected", or they request to be taken off the list, there is "refused". Underneath that we have our boxes with the questions we ask the voter. Input the proper responses and click "Next Call" and move on to the next voter!

Remember- It's okay if a voter is undecided! We are making these calls to build name recognition, and talk to voters about the issues that matter to them. It’s perfectly fine to give someone the website, urge them to do their research, and move on to the next voter. 

Phonebanking Tips 


General tips for phonebanking

  1. Stay upbeat. Your tone of voice is often the most important factor determining whether someone will talk to you
  2. Have a conversation. The more formal and stilted you sound, the less likely someone will pick up the phone. Introduce yourself by your first name (not your full name), ask them questions about their life (e.g. if they say they’re in the middle of cooking dinner, ask them what they’re making).
    1. Volunteer a bit of information about yourself to emphasize similarities between the two of you while making sure the focus is on them. Do everything you can to make a genuine connection with the person you’re calling. Someone’s much more likely to take the time to have a brief, friendly conversation with a neighbor than take someone sounding robotic.
    2. Don’t give people easy out’s. Don’t say, for example, “Can I ask you a few questions?” the person who’s just picked up the phone can easily say no and hang up. Instead, just launch into your question.
    3. The script is a baseline. Feel free to use it; it’s an effective guide and a good way to go about canvassing a voter, but the most important thing is to figure out which way someone’s considering voting and if they'll vote for Randall. Don’t hesitate to let your voice and personality shine through and deviate from the specific words of the script as long as you’re being friendly and getting the necessary information.
  3. Don’t badmouth other candidates. This isn’t a negative campaign; this is a campaign about the ideas Randall is putting forward.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know. If someone asks you a question about where Randall stands on a particular issue, feel free to answer them if you’re sure, but it’s far better to say that you’re not sure than to give someone incorrect or misleading information. In a pinch, just direct someone to our website,
  5. There are always other voters. If one call goes poorly, take a few moments to think about what went wrong and how you can do better next time, but don’t stress too much about any one particular call.


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