Public Safety

Birmingham has had 546 homicides on William Bell’s watch.  That’s 546 families, including my own, that have lost a loved one to our streets.  But if you visit William Bell’s website, you won’t see a comprehensive public safety plan because he doesn’t have one.   He thinks saying “experience” over and over again will work, but “experience” gave us 546 homicides – and we deserve better.

As a former prosecutor, I know what it takes to reduce crime – it takes investing in our police force, getting our most dangerous criminals off the streets, and it takes wrapping our arms around our youth and providing alternatives to crime and the opportunity to succeed.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Expanding the size of our police force to 1,000 sworn officers

  • Increasing the reach of our City and County gun courts to get our most violent offenders off the streets

  • Increasing our patrol and beat presence in our most violent neighborhoods so that our seniors and families feel safe on their porches

  • Intensive counseling and mentorship for our juvenile ex-offenders

  • Creating a hiring tax credit for local businesses to hire ex-offenders to give them alternatives to crime.

We have seniors scared to sit on their porch and parents that are afraid to let their children go outside to play.  We’ve had enough.  You deserve a plan and a vision for making your neighborhoods secure.  I have one; William Bell doesn’t.  Visit and give my public safety plan a look.  This is the vision you deserve.  Vote Randall Woodfin October 3rd.

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