With Woodfin: Re-Entry by Stephanie Hicks

I met Randall early in his campaign for mayor about August 2016 when he was distributing campaign flyers with his mother at his side at Railroad Park. At that time people did not believe he would have a chance in becoming mayor. However, something about his genuine passion for an inclusive Birmingham was intriguing.

So some time thereafter I requested to meet with him and he consented. I relayed to him the challenges of former offenders returning to Birmingham--lack of housing, employment, and other services. As a former offender I was impressed by his desire to address the challenges facing former offenders with concrete reentry efforts to provide men and women the true second chance they so desperately need. Randall has held true to his campaign commitment he relayed when I first met him...to hear the needs of residents in Birmingham and design a platform to address those needs. This is why I am hopeful for a Woodfin administration and why I am proud of voice he has given to those residents who felt invisible.

Good Luck Friend!


Stephanie Hicks 

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