Birmingham Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin announces that Gen. Charles Krulak and retired corporate executive Bobbie Knight will co-chair the transition process for his new administration.

“As we transition to a new administration and a different way of doing business, it is imperative that experienced, successful, smart, public servants help lead that process. Charles Krulak and Bobbie Knight love this city and its people, and they have the vision to help us reach our greatest potential. To have them lead our transition process and provide counsel to our new administration and citizen-led committees will help ensure we fulfill our commitments to the people of Birmingham,” Woodfin said.

Gen. Krulak most recently served as President of Birmingham-Southern College after a 36-year career in the United States Marine Corps. General Krulak served as the 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps. During his military career, he was the recipient of two purple hearts, three bronze stars and a silver star. 

“Birmingham has so much potential, and it is our job to take advantage of this opportunity to help the city reach that potential. There are structural problems that have held us back, and those must be addressed. It is our job to identify those problems, understand them, get engagement from our citizens, and then go about the job of addressing them with long-term solutions. That is Randall Woodfin’s commitment to Birmingham,” Gen. Krulak said.

Joining Gen. Krulak in the transition will be Bobbie Knight, who has served Birmingham for decades as a corporate leader as well as a community activist. Knight served as a Vice President for Alabama Power Co. until she retired in 2016. In this capacity, Ms. Knight worked with neighborhood and community leaders as well as city, county, state and federal officials on key issues impacting Birmingham. 

“Like so many other people, I love Birmingham. We have made great strides in recent years on many fronts, and I believe we are on the cusp of becoming a truly great American city. But we must first address very real issues that face all of our citizens, from neighborhood revitalization to education to reducing red tape so that Birmingham is truly open for business investment,” Knight said.

Major priorities of the Woodfin Administration include:

  • Develop a plan to revitalize all neighborhoods and reduce crime.

  • Restructure city regulations and bureaucracy to make Birmingham open for business investment and growth.

  • Develop a strategic plan to significantly increase support for education and workforce training.

  • Restore trust by increasing transparency and accountability at City Hall.

“We are pleased and humbled that General Krulak and Ms. Knight have agreed to serve their community at this important time. It is also important that as many of our citizens as possible get involved. We will be forming citizen-led committees to address our strategic objectives.  We encourage anyone who would like to be involved reach out to us,” Woodfin said.

“My campaign was built from the ground floor up. We were a grassroots organization that focused on the real needs and desires of everyday people. Now we must shift from campaigning to governing, and that requires the involvement and support of those same people who spoke loudly on election day for a change,” Woodfin continued.

Woodfin also announced that Ed Fields will serve as Transition Coordinator. Fields is a long-time resident of Birmingham, where he has owned a small business and has been engaged in many city and community endeavors. Steve Shaw has been retained to provide legal counsel to the transition and support implementation of Operation Trust Restored, a set of bold, new guidelines to restore trust and increase transparency at city hall.

Mayor-elect Woodfin will be sworn in on November 28th.  Any citizen interested in being involved in the transition can email

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