Birmingham residents have lost trust in William Bell and our City Hall to solve the City’s challenges.  Report after report of fighting with the City Council, a million dollar security detail, nepotism and corruption, state and federal investigations into the Birmingham Water Works and Birmingham Construction, and reports of out-of-control travel expenditures from William Bell have all eroded our trust in City Hall.  

Birmingham residents deserve to know who is seeking to influence the Mayor’s Office, and they need to know how their tax dollars are being spent.  And they need to know that their Mayor is there to serve for eight years and to give someone else a chance to serve.

Within the first 30 days of my Administration, I will announce historic transparency measures for the Mayor Office’s through “Operation Trust Restored.” Trust Restored will include:

  • Establishing a new website for the Office of the Mayor that includes every meeting scheduled with me as well as all a searchable log of all of my official travel expenditures

  • Eliminating William Bell’s security detail reassigning those officers to the City’s most violent beats

  • Selling William Bell’s tricked out SUV and committing the proceeds to the BPD budget

  • Announcing an ordinance that would amend the City’s nepotism policy to ban any of my relatives from working in any roles that involve or have the potential to influence City contracts to prevent the kinds of allegations of abuse and corruption stemming from Michael Bell’s involvement in the Birmingham Construction Industry Authority

  • Announcing a moratorium on all travel for all city employees (including the Office of the Mayor) until a new travel policy is shared publicly and approved by the City Council

  • Supporting state legislation amending the Mayor-Council Act establishing term limits (two, four-year terms) for the Mayor’s Office that would include limiting my service to no more than two, four-year terms.

I challenge William Bell to take a transparency pledge that makes all of his travel and his meetings public without someone having to request it formally from his office.  We need a City Hall that makes us proud again, and you have my word that you won’t have to guess how your tax dollars are spent or who is seeking to influence my office – it will all be available online.  My transparency agenda is available here:  

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