Birmingham is the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement and our City should be a national leader in ensuring that every citizen -- no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender identification -- sees City Hall as an ally.  


Appoint a LGBT Liaison within the Office of the Mayor

  • Hire an LGBT Liaison to serve on my executive staff within the first 100 days.


Establish the Birmingham Human Rights Commission

  • Instruct the City Law Department to include in any final Human Rights Ordinance the creation of the Birmingham Human Rights Commission that would be responsible for investigating complaints of violations of the Human Rights Ordinance and enforcing the Ordinance’s non-discrimination protections.

  • Instruct the City Law Department to ensure that the Commission includes representatives from Birmingham’s civil rights community including the Metro Birmingham Chapter of the NAACP as well as advocacy groups like Birmingham’s Human Rights Task Force, and legal organizations like the Birmingham Bar Association and the Magic City Bar Association.

An Inclusive Birmingham for all Residents

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