Birmingham needs a Mayor for every neighborhood – not just Downtown.  While Downtown has thrived, the last few years for Birmingham’s other 98 neighborhoods have been characterized by blight, overgrown lots, abandoned properties, and crime.


As Mayor, I will implement a six-part plan for revitalizing Birmingham’s other 98 neighborhoods:

Develop Neighborhood Revitalization Plans for Every Birmingham City Council District

  • Within the first 100 days, I would work with each City Councilor to appoint 10-member revitalization boards to convene neighborhood hearings and identify neighborhood revitalization priorities for the next four years.

  • Based on the priorities identified by the revitalization boards, each board would work with my office, their City Councilor, and their assigned Neighborhood Revitalization Team to develop a revitalization plan.


Create Neighborhood Revitalization Teams

  • Use neighborhood revitalization plans to assign city agency personnel to “teams” that will be responsible for implementing neighborhood revitalization plans.

  • Use neighborhood revitalization plans to develop neighborhood revitalization “scorecards” to hold me accountable for meeting neighborhood improvement goals.


Give Neighborhoods More of a Voice in Capital Projects in Their Neighborhoods

  • As a part of the capital budgeting process, I would engage each City Councilor and the neighborhood revitalization boards to convene field budget hearings to identify the capital projects from each neighborhood that would be included in every capital budget that I would propose.


More Aggressively Demolish Vacant Properties and Clean Up Overgrown Lots

  • Expand the City’s investments in demolishing abandoned properties and maintaining vacant lots by $3 million annually for weed abatement, demolition, and land banking.


Recruit More Grocery Stores to Neighborhoods Outside of Downtown

  • Develop tax incentive packages to aggressively recruit grocery stores to neighborhoods outside of Downtown.


Earmarking at least $5 million annually for repaving our streets, fixing potholes, and repairing sidewalks

  • Setting aside at least $5 million annually in the capital budget for resurfacing our streets and repairing sidewalks.

Revitalizing Our Neighborhoods

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