The Woodfin Way

Dear Neighbors, Partners, and Citizens of Birmingham,

It is my pleasure to present the City of Birmingham's 2018 Mayoral Transition Report titled, "The Woodfin Way." During the campaign, I pledged to 'Put People First.' I believe now more than ever that for Birmingham to reach its full potential, every citizen must trust that their elected officials have their best interests at heart.

As the first step on this journey, we have assembled an inclusive, experienced, and well-qualified transition team to evaluate our city's readiness to put people first and to submit recommendations for improvements.

I am optimistic about the future of our great city. We must embrace an "all hands on deck" approach if we want to tackle the challenges that plague our city. This report will help us write the next chapter of Birmingham's history with the citizens, families, and small businesses that helped shape my campaign.

The people have made it clear that they expect progress for all 99 neighborhoods to be driven by the Mayor's Office. I aim to deliver that leadership for you.

Birmingham, let's get to work!

Randall Woodfin
Mayor, City of Birmingham

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