Birmingham, AL – Randall Woodfin announced today an endorsement from the Birmingham Fraternal Order of Police Membership (FOP) for the October 3rd mayoral election. The FOP Body consist of 1147 active members in the City of Birmingham. The FOP Executive Board has 5 active members. 

Birmingham is a place where history has been made. It’s a place where citizens have taken it on themselves to do what was necessary to make Birmingham a better city for all of the people who call it home.

Contractor Chris Woods tallied 6,957 votes (18 percent) during the August 22 municipal election

I grew up in the Grasselli neighborhood in west Birmingham in the 1960’s and with young eyes witnessed the Civil Rights struggle when my family came downtown to shop. As I grew up I saw the struggles our city faced as we emerged through that dark time and as a young...

Birmingham native, Jasmyn Elise Story is an International Restorative Justice Facilitator and Founder of The People's Coalition. She is an alumna of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and a dedicated human rights activist. #WithWoodfin is a series of perspectives from daughters and sons of Birmingham. 

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